Current Projects

  • Transregional Game Studies, Folk Worlds and Folk Mechanic
  • De Gruyter Handbook of Language and Digital Culture (ed. Astrid Ensslin and Carmen Lee, University of Hong Kong) – under contract
  • Bodies in Digital Media
  • Empirical reader research on VR fiction and “distance design” for critical empathy studies, memory spaces and medial reading (Bell and Ensslin, ch.6 in Reading Digital Fiction, forthcoming; Ensslin & Bell in Lutostański, forthcoming; Ensslin & Ceuterick in DLA Marbacher Schriften, ed. Kinder & Çakir)
  • Death and Failure in Games: Existentialism and Social Action (Sebastian Richter, PhD project)
  • “The Hard Core of Games – Narratological and Persuasive Potential in Reading Formal Game Elements” (FS Schönberg, PhD project, working title)
  • Metareference, Bookishness and Literary Gaming (Richter, Aksay, Blessing, Schönberg & Ensslin)
  • AI and Digital-born Fiction (Ensslin & Nelson, forthcoming in Liveley & Slocombe)