DAS|LAB is the University of Regensburg’s Digital Area Studies Lab (“das DAS im DIMAS”). We are developing a conceptually feminist, decolonial, social, spatial and technological infrastructure for researchers of Digital Area Studies invested in social change. We examine, interrogate and create platforms, networks, virtual worlds and other digital spaces with a specific focus on marginalized, intersectional communities and individuals, and we examine the embodied processes of reading and writing within and across medium-specific environments. Our long-term goal is to develop Digital Area Studies as a discipline of New Area Studies combining research questions, theories, tools and methodologies from Multiscalar and Transregional Area Studies, Cultural Studies, Digital Humanities, Media and Game Studies, Applied Linguistics, research-creation, Empirical Audience Research, Postclassical Narratology and Critical Discourse Studies.


Videogames as Folkworlds – Nationalism – Democracy – Sustainability

International Symposium, 11. – 12. April 2024 in Regensburg